Saturday, 27 July 2013

Dairy Entry 73

Entry 73

October 10th

This case I’ve been working on is getting to me. So I decide to get Sweet and put him through his paces to clear my mind. When I finally finish the extensive workout, I find Jewel there looking at me. “Why are you riding my horse?”
“Daddy just needed to let off some steam.”
“Dad he has a routine and you are interrupting it. Next time ask.” I was just told off by my daughter, this is a first but she is right he does have a routine. I hand Sweet back to Jewel and go back to the house.

I found Michael in his playpen with Tam watching over him. I pulled her in for a passionate kiss, “Don’t you want another baby?”
Tam raises her eyebrow at me and says, “I want to enjoy our children now, don’t you?”
I pull her in for another kiss and reply, “Of course I do…it’s just I was hoping that we could make it equal numbers.” Tam laughed and said, “That is the craziest idea I’ve ever heard.”
Then Michael wanted some attention, “Daddy, daddy…”
“I’ll leave you alone,” Tam said as she walked out the room.

I took Michael to the park and spent the morning just having son, father time.
When Lacey got home she was upset and when I asked why she told that because she had been in so much trouble lately her grades had suffered and even though she was improving it wasn’t enough. I spent the rest of the day helping Lacey with her homework and then going through other work so she could catch up. Once we had finished it was very late around 10:30pm I think but it was worth it as Lacey has caught up on a lot she had missed.

October 20th

I walked into the girl’s bedroom to find Jewel playing on her brother’s horse, I should have told her off but she looked great using her imagination. When I asked her what she was playing she said, “I was rounding up cowboys Daddy.” I gave her a hug and left her too it. 

I had finally fallen asleep when I heard a scream and slamming of the door. Jewel thought there were monsters under her bed and when she looked big red eyes appeared. I tried to calm her down but nothing helped.

We sat and talked for a while before she went back to bed and she has asked for her own room. I said that I would talk to her Mum first before I could say yes; lucky for me she seemed fine with that.

November 2nd

The weather has been really bad today. Poor Sweet has been stuck in the barn. When I saw him he looked sad. He needs his exercise but the heavy rain is stopping us and a few laps around the barn isn’t enough. We both needed to let go. When I started to walk back to the house it was someone had heard me and the rain stopped. I ran back to the barn and got changed and took Sweet for race training and jumps. He has improved a lot and soon he could even enter competitions but Jewel will want to enter them.  

When Jewel comes home I talk to her about training Sweet for competitions and she gets excited. Now we have something to do together at least this time she isn't yelling at me like she did a few weeks ago.

November 4th

I walked in the living room to find Lacey with a smile on her face. My stomach suddenly felt knotted. I knew that look but I wanted to be so wrong for a little while longer. I didn't want to ask but I had too.
“What you doing?” Lacey jumped as she looked at me.
“Nothing, why?”
“Who was on the phone?”
“Dad, no-one, I was just texting.” I raised an eyebrow and she huffed and said, “I texted a boy I know.” I wanted to yell, scream and to tell her you can never date but even I know that is unrealistic. So I took a deep breath and asked, “Do I know the boy you were texting?”

“Nope but he hasn’t texted me back,” and there it was the look I hated my baby girl upset. We had been through so much together and yet this, this boy hasn’t texted her back. Why? Can’t he see that she is beautiful young girl who is smart and funny and has a most precious heart and here he is, breaking it? I f I ever met him I will have words among other things for not seeing how wonderful Lacey truly is.
“Lacey, he may texted you back later. He might be doing something important.”
Great now my lips are saying the opposite to my thoughts. I hope he texts back for her sake. Then Lacey screams, “Daddy he texted me back. What do I say? Don’t answer that, I know exactly what I’ll say. Thanks Dad for this talk.” When she leaves the room I’m more confused than ever. Did we really have a talk?